RUN! The Robots are Coming with Siri and War Machine

Welcome to the 17th Episode of Well That Happened. In this Installment, Todd, Sam and Jeff talk about how Siri can help or hinder you in murder, why MMA fighter War Machine needs to go to jail for a long time and the phasing out of the human work force by the Robots. Plus, find out who needs their ass kicked and the #rehash. All this and more from your liquored up hosts on Well That Happened. 

Todd Christian Elliott
Samuel Renderos
Jeffery Potts

Produced by Christopher Olin
Edited by Jeffery Potts

Music Samples
Ennio Morricone - What Dreams May Come soundtrack

Film Samples

Dead Poets Society- Touchstone Pictures
What Dreams May Come -  Interscope communication and Polygram Filed Entertainment
Aladdin - Walt Disney pictures

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