A Cockblocalypse with HGH during the Holidays Makes Everything Tender

It's Well That Happened, Episode 87!


week Todd, Sam, Jeff and Haley invite Brian Gerson and Joseph R. Davis filmmakers and creators of ProcoProduction Company to discuss what is a cockblocalypse, gonorrhea and how it's coming back and uncurable! Also there's Jeff's Lies and WTH: "Holiday Fallout". Plus, 'Who Needs Their Ass Kicked?' All this and more on Well That Happened!

Find out more about PROco Production here: http://www.procoproductioncompany.com/

And, as always, check us out at http://www.wellthathappenedpodcast.com

Music: Todd C. Elliott

Edited: Todd C. Elliott

Sound Engineer: Haley JoAnna

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